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What Comes Next After Graduation? For some, we just might have the answer!

Updated: Feb 5

Graduation is a multifaceted gem. It's a culmination of effort, an accomplishment that recognizes hard work and knowledge gained--a celebration! But it's also an ending, and endings, by their very nature, also hold uncertainty as the structure that had characterized the last several years gives way for something new. For many, this transition carries with it a great deal of anxiety and a burning question--what comes next? 

While we know we can never answer that question for everyone, we have a suggestion that applies no matter the major--A Move for America Fellowship!

Our year-long, intensive Fellowship is packed full of supportive opportunities to learn, grow, and experience. After training in communication, conflict, and open dialogue, Fellows are matched with a nonprofit for impactful work engaging community members across differences to build a better future. With a diverse cohort of Fellows alongside mentors and leaders ready to help you shine, it's a great opportunity for networking, deepening knowledge and getting hands-on work experience in an inclusive leadership setting. Check out these frequently asked questions to learn more!

I don't have any community-building experience and come from an unrelated background. Can this still be for me?

Yes! So long as you are willing and able to commit to living in Minnesota for a full year, there is a place for everyone, with every passion and skill set, as a Fellow with one of our partners. Every field of study brings a unique perspective and set of skills that can enrich communities. Whether you come with knowledge from the arts, sciences, business, humanities, or any other discipline, your expertise is invaluable.

What does participation look like, exactly?

This varies widely depending on what host partner you are matched with. Generally, all Fellows will be directly contributing to the long-term betterment of a community, helping to make sure all people across lines of difference are heard and respected. You might be gathering opinions for the future operations of a food shelf, ensuring marginalized groups have access to power, helping college students find a voice with government, or connecting with entrepreneurs and helping them realize their missions--the list goes on and expands year to year! These placements will give you opportunities to practice the bridge-building and communication skills you learn during orientation and to make real, lasting change--no busy work here! For a current example of our partners, check out

I don't see how my major can contribute to bridge-building or community engagement.

Trust us, if you have knowledge, it will be useful! An architect might be ensuring that a new building tangibly meets the needs of the surrounding community. Scientists can make sure their research is truly representative and accessible to all. Educators have multiple communities to work within, the schools in which they serve and the neighborhoods where those schools reside. Every single one of those roles will need to navigate internal and external forces shaping their work, making sure that people outside of communities dictate what happens within them as little as possible. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

How would the Move for America Fellowship support my personal and professional development?

The Fellowship begins with an in-depth, week-long orientation with team building and training on important bridging skills such as conflict management and community engagement. With the cohort of Fellows, you will explore how to hold space for fundamental disagreements. Thereafter, biweekly meetups are held throughout the year to ensure skills stay sharp and questions get answered. In addition to the Move for America staff and your on-site manager who will gladly come alongside you in support, you will also be paired with a personal mentor. You will complete the program with a professional network,  a resume with concrete accomplishments, and interpersonal skills that will help you connect across differences throughout your life and career!

I still have questions! Is there someone I can ask? 

Absolutely. Please reach out to or click this calendly link where you can schedule a time for us to chat. You can also visit our website at to see how your career connects to bridge building. Plus hear more from our current Fellows, Alum, Host Partners and more. We'd love to connect with you! 

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