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Cultivating Future Leaders: A Mission to Bridge Divides

From the climate crisis to home and food insecurity, we live in a unique time that engages us

individually with challenges that, simultaneously, transcend our individuality. Yet American

democracy faces the imminent threat of an increasingly divided society. Now, more than ever, leaders capable of bridging divides and galvanizing change for the better is crucial for our path forward as a community.

Move for America is dedicated to cultivating such leaders. Whether you are a recent high school or college graduate or an experienced participant of community-based work, our Fellowship program provides opportunities that allow for authentic civic engagement as well as professional development. During the year-long program, you will be partnering with a host site and dive into community engagement work, meet with mentors that provide invaluable guidance along the way, and join a community that shares your passion of facing social challenges head-on. Our mission is to

help you become someone that helps bring about the social change America so desperately needs.

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