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Host a Fellow

Engage communities. Bridge divides. Build organizational capacity.

Bringing community perspectives together

builds lasting solutions.

Do you seek to elevate and convene different perspectives? Do you need to infuse capacity support for authentic community engagement? Move for America can help!

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Apply today to host a Fellow!

We are currently accepting proposals to host a Fellow in the 2024-25 program year (Sept 2024 - Aug 2025). Priority preference is given to proposals submitted by February 15, 2024. Any proposals received after February 15 will be considered if space in the program is available.

Want to learn more?

Contact us to host a Move for America Fellow at your organization!

Move for America is launching civic bridge builders who are passionate about bridging divides and strengthening civic dialogue. Through their service, they can support your work toward building a peaceful and just future. Connect with us to explore a partnership.

What is the Move for America Fellowship? 

Move for America's finds, trains, and matches you with a Fellow, who will serve your project full-time for 12 months. They support projects that bring together different perspectives in your community to solve a local challenge. Fellows are paid AmeriCorps VISTA Members. Types of projects Fellows work on include:

  • Building community partnerships and coalitions

  • Designing community-building programs and events

  • Developing community engagement programs

  • Elevating community perspectives and stories

Who is a Move for America Fellow? 

A Move for America Fellow is curious, motivated, passionate about bridging divides, and committed to learning from others.

Fellows are not required to have previous job experience. Instead we seek those who exhibit traits we believe to be integral in active community engagement: curiosity, motivation, growth mindset, and a commitment to community.

Fellows who are selected and matched with a host site undergo training in community engagement, intercultural communication and conflict resolution. These training sessions are integral to the Fellowship program and increase a Fellows' impact on their host organization. 

Who are Move for America Host Partners? 

Our host sites are community-based organizations seeking to address an unmet need in their community by convening diverse perspectives and authentically listening to community voices.

Why host a Fellow? 

●  Fellows address previously unmet community needs

●  Infuses additional capacity and expertise

●  Cost Effective

●  Connect with our network of community-based partners

●  You are helping launch a generation of civic bridge builders

A mutually beneficial partnership.


Winter: Explore a partnership. Work with Move for America staff to define your project scope 


Spring: Match with a Fellowship candidate, and finalize offer

Summer: Get ready for your Fellow to join your team.

Early September: Fellow begins their 12 months of service at your organization.


We ask all host site partners to contribute to a portion of the Fellows' living expenses. Move for America has funding available to offset the costs, particularly for organizations serving low-income and / or rural communities.

Becoming a Move for America host site begins a meaningful partnership with commitments on both sides. 

We commit to recruiting skilled and values-aligned Fellows, training and supporting Fellows throughout their term of service.

As a Host Partner, we you will welcome the Fellow into your organization and community with support and warmth.

Host sites further commit to: 

  • Supervise and mentor a Move for America Fellow for up to one year

  • Identify an unmet need, unexplored asset or emerging opportunity in their community that if met or explored would meaningfully impact the lives of community members

  • Have key organizational leaders committed to implementing the community- driven project recommendations of the Fellows to the extent possible

  • Help connect Fellows to housing and/or host families in the community

  • ​Support the Fellow’s capstone project

  • Complete pre/post program evaluations, and attend quarterly check-in calls

I’m interested! What next? 

We are delighted you are considering hosting a Move for America Fellow!
Submit a proposed position description for a Fellow via our application link.
If your project fits, we will enter into
a joint partnership agreement, and we will begin the process of matching you with a qualified Fellow.

Questions? Check out our FAQ, join our upcoming office hours, or contact Libby at

  • How do we apply to host a Fellow?
    To apply to host a Move for America Fellow, submit a proposed position description via this brief form. We will consider all applications received by February 15 together. Later proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis as space is available.
  • What types of projects do Fellows work on​?
    Move for America Fellows may undertake projects that bring different community perspectives together to solve a local challenge. Our goal is that each Fellow will: increase the capacity of Host Sites for long-term community engagement increase the number and diversity of people and perspectives in developing community-driven solutions improve outcomes low-income communities provide Fellows an opportunity to immerse themselves in the community and practice inclusive leadership and intercultural communication
  • How are projects evaluated to qualify for partnership?
    We are looking for projects and organizations that: Bring together community perspectives across divisions and difference to tackle a community challenge Will have a positive impact on low-income communities Are informed by community with demonstrated need for authentic community engagement Are prepared to act on community-based recommendations or authentically share power and decision-making with community members Demonstrate the capacity to support the Fellows to be successful in their project and to help them become immersed in community life Anticipate that one year is an adequate time-frame to complete the proposed activities
  • Do Fellows work full time?
    Fellows commit to working full-time as defined by your organization (30-40 hour work week) for a full year (September through August).
  • How are Fellows selected and matched with Hosts?
    Candidates apply for the Fellowship in a competitive application and interview process. We look for candidates who are self starters, team players, and strong communicators. They are committed to learning with and from others, dedicated to bridging divides, and genuinely curious and hungry to learn. Finalist Fellows are matched with Hosts based on the skills and mindsets Hosts require to successfully fulfill the position. We will make matching introductions, and Fellows & Hosts will have the opportunity meet virtually before accepting the position.
  • How are Fellows compensated?
    Fellows are AmeriCorps Members on loan to your organization. AmeriCorps pays Fellows a living stipend of approximately $875 bi-weekly and provides them with health care benefits and an education grant. Learn more about AmeriCorps benefits here. Host Partners do not pay Fellows directly. Host Partners pay Move for America a program fee to support recruitment, matching, training, coaching, and AmeriCorps grant management.
Host FAQ

We gratefully offer this program in partnership with AmeriCorps VISTA. 

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