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Shanara has an outdoor background with dark greenery. She is wearing a black collared long-sleeve top with dangly gold earrings and long individual box braids

Shanara Mercer

Program Manager

Libby is shown wearing a black collared blazer and black top with short danlgy mint green earrings. Her hair is dark brown and cut short.

Libby Stegger

Founder and Executive Director

Abdul-Aziz is wearing a sky blue suit and navy blue tie along with a white collared shirt. His hair is black and cut short in a fade.

AbdulRahmane Abdul-Aziz

Community Partnerships Coordinator 

Chaleiah is wearing a white button-up top and has long black locs



Jessica is wearing a red blouse and black over-the-head headphones


Communications VISTA

Ellie has on a cool taupe business casual coat, a long natural earthy brown necklace and a short siler chained diamond pendant necklace. Her hair is blonde and cut shoulder-length.

Ellie Lucas

Founding Board Member

Hunger Impact Partners

Rebecca is outdoors in front of a pond area wearing a coral top, cool grey blazer, and silver hoop earrings. Her her is brown, shoulder-length, and curly.

Rebecca Noecker

Founding Board Member

Saint Paul City Council

ThomasAntony_Headshot - Thomas Antony.jpg

Thomas Antony

Red Ventures Optum

Board Member

IMG_1201 - Christine Reed.jpeg

Christine Reed

New Millennium Academy

meee cropped - Len Sanqui.jpg

Len Sanqui

Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches

SW MN Arts Council Headshots-1 - SW MN Arts Council.jpg

Nicole DeBoer

Southwest Minnesota Arts Council

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member

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