We are delighted you are considering applying for the Move for America Fellowship. If you haven't already, please take time to review the Fellowship page for more details about the program. Our application is now available for the 2023 Fellowship.

How to Apply

Applications may be submitted through the "Apply Now" link below and reviewed during the priority application period of October 1st to February 1st each year.

Applicants must respond to all questions in the application form linked below. We want to see your writing skills, but also want to give you the opportunity to utilize different methods of communication to best represent yourself and your skills how you see the best fit. Therefore, you may submit answers to the questions below in a written format or a recorded video or audio file, which should be approximately 1-3 pages or up to 6 minutes in length total for all questions. There is no penalty or benefit for going over or under the time / page guidance; it is simply an indicator of the approximate amount of information we are looking for. If the recorded format is chosen, all applicants must answer at least one question in written format. Audio and video submissions may contain no features except your voice or profile image (i.e. no pictures, graphics, etc). Please be clear which question you are answering in your responses.


Narrative Questions

  1. Tell us about yourself, your hometown, and why you’re interested in this opportunity.

  2. Tell us about your engagement in civic or community life. How have you been involved in your community, and what issue areas are you passionate about?

  3. Name one situation/challenge in which you bridged a divide. How did you come across the solution? What did you learn?

  4. Why is community engagement important to you? What do you hope to learn through this opportunity?

Equal Opportunity Program

Move for America is an equal opportunity program. Building a diverse and inclusive team is central to our values and mission. We humbly strive to ensure that the Move for America Fellowship Program is intentionally inclusive and reflective of the communities we serve. If you need application assistance or reasonable accommodation due to a disability, please contact libby@move4america.org or call 612-388-3259.