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Welcome to Move for America's

Creative Art & Writing Contest!

Calling all creative artists! Welcome to our quarterly art & writing contest. This contest is open to everyone and is intended to inspire you to create a project based on a specific theme. See the information below for each quarters content along with our guidelines.

Quarter 1

Theme: Connecting Across Cultures and/or Traveling Outside Your Hometown. What does this theme mean to you and why did you create this project?

Instagram: @Move4America | LinkedIn: MoveforAmerica | Mastodon:

1st place winner: $25 Gift Card, Move for America website and newsletter feature. 

2nd and 3rd place winners: Move for America website and newsletter feature

Submissions can be made at

We can't wait to see your projects!

Parameters & Guidelines

We're excited to see your creative expressions in our art and writing contest! To ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all participants and viewers, we've outlined some key content parameters to guide your submissions:

  • Respectful Representation: All submissions must honor the dignity of all individuals. Avoid stereotypes and derogatory portrayals based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disabilities, sexual orientation, worldview or any other characteristic.

  • Appropriate Themes: Themes should be suitable for a broad audience. Please steer clear of explicit violence, sexual content, or profanity. If you're uncertain whether your work might cross the line, consider if it would be appropriate for a PG:13 movie.

  • Originality: Your submission must be your own work and not include copyrighted or plagiarized content. If your creation is inspired by existing works, ensure it is significantly transformed and does not infringe on the rights of others.

  • No Graphic Violence or Gore: While conflict and struggle can be part of your narrative or artistic expression, keep depictions of violence or gore appropriate.

  • No Nudity or explicit sexual content: : Romantic themes are welcome, but refrain from submitting hypersexual or explicit pieces. (See again, PG:13.)

  • Language and Dialogue: Language should not include slurs, derogatory terms, or excessive vulgarity.

  • Substance Use: Avoid glorifying or depicting the use of illegal substances, alcohol, or tobacco, especially in a way that might appeal to minors.

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be mindful and respectful of cultural differences. Avoid cultural appropriation or misrepresentation. Ensure that cultural elements are portrayed accurately and sensitively.

  • You must be following us on social media

Instagram: @Move4America | Mastodon | Linkedin @Move for America

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