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Sam Brainin

Capstone Project

Sam completed his capstone project by partnering with Camdentown Minneapolis. All quotes used below are from Sam's final Capstone presentation.

About Camdentown

Click here to learn more about Camdentown and their community organizing efforts. 

What Sam Did

- Community Organizing with Camdentown

"I initiated conversations with people by knocking on their doors and talking to people I passed walking down the street.” 

Main Projects

During his work with Camdentown, Sam helped to organize National Night Out - a branch of a national community-building campaign that promotes peaceful police-community partnerships.  

"People were just, you know, talking and interacting extremely freely in this very open and inclusive and inviting landscape; there wasn't any specific thing that this event entailed. It was like, 'Come get some food, talk to local business owners, map out on these boards that we created, what do you like to see in your future, just enjoy yourself and gain what you will from this event.'"


"Looking at community programs and space, looking at local business development and production, community safety, getting to know other community members, are things that we all want, no matter where we live, no matter where we grow up. These are things that unite humans. So I think recognizing the commonalities and the shared humanity, and is really, really vital."

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