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Latisha Wade

All pronouns
Service Project: Southwest Minnesota Arts Council

Education & Community Engagement Liaison

My name is Tisha and I practice life through visual art, birthwork and farming. I grew up in Boston, MA. As a child of many mothers and someone nurtured by a village all over the world, bridging divides is important because it allows us to create pathways to journey with one another.


Her Arrival by Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah

This song found me at a very transitional period in my life. For me it marks an arrival back to  myself, return to community, return to the land, return to natural cycles.

Pleasewakeupalittlefaster please by Carlos Niño & fri

As I continue to awaken to the healing and medicine within myself and the rest of the world, I feel an urgency for a collective awakening. This song has allowed me to find patience, understanding and acceptance in my sense of urgency. 

  Story Soundtrack  

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