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Everybody wants an America that works, but it takes real action to make that happen. Move for America is so grateful for all those who have answered the call to do something for the world we live in. Will you join us in bridging divides and finding common ground?


Our volunteers join our cause for a number of reasons, so we asked them to tell us what volunteering with Move for America means to them.

Here's what Anna had to say...

Anna Lipton Galbraith.jpg

Anna is a skilled program evaluator and Government Relations Manager at Aunt Bertha. She volunteers with Move for America on program evaluation and logic model development. Anna lives in Austin, TX with her spouse and children.

"I worry a lot about the lack of civility in government today and how we are going to get back to a place where our leaders make decisions through meaningful dialogue. I think the solution lies with each and every one of us doing more listening and thoughtful reflection, getting uncomfortable, and engaging respectfully with each other. I was thrilled to play a small part to support the inaugural Move for America Fellowship and I cannot wait to see where these fellows and the program go next!"


- Anna Lipton Galbraith

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