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Meet The 2022 Fellows

Emily Fulcher.png

Emily Fulcher

Camdentown Phase 2

Minneapolis, Economic Development/Community Engagement 

Hometown: Columbia, MS

Screenshot 2022-06-10 1.05.02 PM.png

Chaleiah Henderson

Foundation for Essential Needs (FFEN)

Minnesota Food Shelf Survey, Statewide Survey

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lakshi De Vass Gunawardena.JPG

 Lakshi De Vass Gunawardena

The Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC)

Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Grantmaking

Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota

Len Sanqui.jpeg

 Len Sanqui

Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches 

Capacity Building
Youth Development &
Community Development

Hometown: Boone, North Carolina

Erick Castellanos.jpg

Erick Castellanos

Great MN Schools

Family & Community Outreach for Educational Empowerment

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Matthew Simonson.jpg

Matthew Simonson

Mankato Youth Place, MY Place

Community Engagement/Community Outreach

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