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Lakshi De Vass Gunawardena


Service Project: The Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC

Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund Grantmaking

I am from Plymouth, Minnesota. Something unique about me is that I am a member of three honors societies, most notably Phi Beta Kappa! Move for America's mission resonates profoundly with me because I am a firm believer in community and building community, and that the love and compassion between people is humanity's greatest strength.


Hurt by Johnny Cash

This is very much the story of my life, in terms of how perfectly it encaptures the self doubt and depression I struggle with, even now. It is a reminder that sometimes feeling pain is okay, and life can hurt but that it is not too late. 

 Only the Brave by Louis Tomlinson

I love the lyrics of this one as well as the metaphor. It serves as a reminder to live life in all its fullest, no matter how scary it may be, and that while only I can dictate my own actions I still have those around me to hold my hand and love me. 

Desi Girl Vaishali Sagar

This is a song from a Bollywood movie, though the lyrics ring true. It serves as a fun reminder to be proud of my femininity as well as my South East Asian heritage and brown skin tone! 

  Story Soundtrack  

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