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We are delighted you are considering serving as a host site for the Move for America Fellowship Program. If you haven't already, please take time to review the Host Site page for more details about the program.

How to Apply

Priority applicants must complete the form below and upload materials by 5:00 PM CST on Friday, March 10, 2023.


If you're interested in learning more, please contact Libby at


To apply to host a Move for America Fellow, Applicants must complete the full form linked below, which includes attaching a Project Narrative. Please find a full list of application questions here. You may submit answers to the Project Narrative questions in a written format or a recorded video or audio file, which should not exceed 6 minutes / 3 pages in length total for all questions. There is no penalty or benefit for going over or under the time / page guidance; it is simply an indicator of the approximate amount of information we are looking for. Audio and video submissions may contain no features except your voice or profile image (i.e. no pictures, graphics, etc). Please be clear which question you are answering in your responses.

If you are applying to host more than one Fellow, you will be asked to submit Project Narratives for each Fellow you are requesting.

Equal Opportunity Program

Move for America is an equal opportunity program. Building a diverse cohort of partners is central to our values and mission. We humbly strive to ensure that the Move for America Fellowship Program is intentionally inclusive and reflective of the communities we serve. If you need application assistance or reasonable accommodation due to a disability, please contact or call 612-388-3259.

Projects we are seeking

Move for America Fellows may undertake projects that increase authentic community engagement in low-income communities in Minnesota. We prioritize projects that engage youth. We are seeking projects that focus on solving a local challenge, or building / improving community-based programs by authentically involving community members in the design process. Our goal is that each Fellow will:

  • increase the capacity of Host Sites for long-term community engagement

  • increase the number and diversity of people and perspectives in developing community-driven solutions

  • improve outcomes low-income communities

  • provide Fellows an opportunity to immerse themselves in the community and practice inclusive leadership and intercultural communication

Fellows are not required to have previous job experience. Instead we seek those who exhibit traits we believe to be integral in active community engagement: curiosity, motivation, growth mindset, and a commitment to community.

What is community engagement?

The Move for America team collaborated to develop our definition of Community Engagement as: "The process that seeks to engage diverse and divergent community voices to achieve long-term and sustainable well-being for all community members, through equitable decision making processes, deepened relationships, discourse, and implementation". We see Community Engagement as a spectrum that varies on levels of engagement and decision making.

How are proposals evaluated?

We are looking for projects and organizations that:

  1. Demonstrate the capacity to support the Fellows to be successful in their project and to help them become immersed in community life

  2. Will have a positive impact on low-income communities

  3. Are informed by community with demonstrated need for authentic community engagement

  4. Are prepared to act on community-based recommendations or authentically share power and decision-making with community members 

  5. Anticipate that one year is an adequate time frame to complete the proposed activities


We will only consider applications from organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Are a 501c3 nonprofit, public agency, or fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 nonprofit.

  • Serve low-income communities in Minnesota. Projects must be Minnesota based.

  • Proposed projects may not engage the Fellow(s) in any political activity, including but not limited to policy advocacy, lobbying, or voter registration.


We encourage applicants to reach out to discuss your project or with any questions. Please contact Libby at

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