This handbook is intended to provide us as fellows with clarifying information and expectations regarding our Fellowship, VistaCorps, Community Engagement as we work through our year of service. Remember that this handbook is specific to MFA. If a VISTA Member has a question about a policy and cannot find an answer in this handbook, the VISTA Member should refer to the VISTA Handbook that can be downloaded at https://americorps.gov/membersvolunteers/vista. VISTA Members should refer to both handbooks before consulting MFA or Site Supervisors.

2022-2023 Program Year

Welcome to Move for America ’s  Fellowship Program & AmeriCorps VISTA Partnership. 

You are the first cohort of this partnership and we are looking forward to supporting you throughout your experience.

MFA  has host sites throughout Minnesota, and those sites range from MFA’s partnerships with these sites allowing the host  sites to receive valuable resources and support that may otherwise not be available or accessible. 

Although MFA has one unified work plan that all VISTA Members contribute to through performance measures, there are a vast range of projects VISTA Members work on that are specific to their sites. For a list of MFA’s current placement sites and the VISTA Members currently serving at each site, please visit PSP’s website at: 


As you work at your host site, you will have many questions. This handbook is designed as a reference for you to combine with knowledge gained during Virtual Member Orientation (VMO, coordinated by AmeriCorps VISTA) and On-Site Orientation Training (OSOT, coordinated by MFA) to help you navigate your new work environment. 

If you have any questions or concerns throughout your year of service, please feel free to contact a member of the MFA Support Team.


Libby Steggar: libby@move4america.org

Trina Benson: trina@move4america.org

Shanara Mercer: shanara@move4america.org


Mission Statement 

Move for America seeks to recruit and train a generation of young people, preparing them to become the next generation of civic leaders through transformative experiences that develop their cross-culture knowledge, leadership mindset and community engagement skills.